Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is the castle setting that the junior class created for the dance.

Well I cannot believe that this day was already here and gone. It was a VERY emotional day, but with my moms help we survived. I think that they need to print a parents tee shirt that says MY MOM SURVIVED:)

Brittnae and her date Tom, Breann and her date Jesse

Brittnae and Tom Cleveland

Breann and Jesse

Breann and Jesse at the Prominade

Brittnae and Tom at the ProminadeMy job for Post prom was to made 70 breakfast burritoes and 6 doz. cinnamon rolls.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sorry I have not updated you all as far as this decision. But last week after talking to the girls and Michael. We decided that it would be best to keep my schedule like it is right now. The girls are very fearful that if life gets any busier I will get sick again. Michael agreed. It is so amazing at the mighty power of the Lord and the way he laid this on the girls hearts. I talked to both of them at different times and they both had the same concerns. I love them to much to have them constantly worried that the Lupus is going to return.

So life will continue on as we know it and I will just make the cafe work at 1 day a week. Thanks for your prayers.