Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SWEET "16"

HAPPY "16TH" BIRTHDAY MY SWEET BABY GIRL!!!! My where has the time gone, it seems like yesterday we were headed up to North Platte where you decided to make your grand entrance:) 7 weeks early.We decided that to celebrate Brittnae's 16th birthday she needed 16 presents. So here is Brittnae on Sunday in front of her stack of presents. As you can see there are 2 different types of wrapping paper. The yellow presents were the ones that she could open Sunday, and the others she had to wait until today.(Wed)
We had Grandma and Grandpa Maris over for cake and ice cream and sort of celebrated her b-day a few days early.

I think she liked the whole 16 presents idea:) well I sure hope she does not expect 17 next year. lol

A new favorite thing for her is penguins, so of course on a penguin hunt I went and WOW did I ever find some adorable ones.

This is a memory box from me to Brittnae. It is a willow tree angle "give her wings to Fly" inside her special box I placed my class ring. A long time ago I promised my ring to her on her sweet 16. Hopefullly she can pass it down to her kids (not anytime too soon).

Grandma Sharon made a tee-shirt cake. Then of course we had to add a few penguins.

I think she is windy--must take after her Daddy lol

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More Christmas pictures

I have been wanting to post these since Christmas. Every year we put 7 stocking stuffer's in the girls stockings and they open one every night the week before Christmas. Well this year Michael wanted to do something special for the girls and of course jewelry came to mind. When we were all finished opening Christmas gifts Michael says girls I thought you opened all of your stocking stuffer's.
This is them checking out what else was in their stockings. Michael got Brittnae a beautiful gold bracelet and Breann some silver dangle earrings.
I truly think that this was my favorite thing about Christmas 2007!! The joy in Michael's face when his girls opened their "special" gift from their Daddy was priceless. Brittnae has yet to take her bracelet off, and Breann always has one of her earrings in. Good Job Dad!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Furniture

After 18 years of the same couch and love seat Michael and I finally broke down and got ourselves some new furniture. We decided this is what we were giving to each other for Christmas this year. So we went to McCook on Saturday (29Th) and found the perfect sofa and love seat. It only took us about 20 minutesto find our dream sofa set. We really wanted a sectional, but our living room is too small.
The couch and the love seat each have 2 recliners which the girls absolutely love. They delivered these beautiful things to us on Friday.
So Merry Christmas to us.


Friday, January 4, 2008


Sunday we had surprise visitors. My little brother and his family just about blew our minds. Here we were just sitting around watching a movie and the doorbell rang. Michael was pushing the girls to hurry and get the door. The story behind it was that Michael knew they were coming. And he kept it a secret.
Dan said that the look on my face was so worth the trip. They were only able to stay Sunday, Monday and left on Tuesday. Dan said that it was worth the trip even for just an hour.
We sure made the best of the "short" visit. We colored, played games ate and talked most of the day Monday.
We sure brought in the New Year the right way. What a beautiful way to start 2008.

THIS IS MY "LITTLE" BOTHER DAN Brittnae and Breann with their Uncle Dan Aunt Heather and cousins Clayton and Ivy. And yes Clay is sticking out his tongue.

Dan and Heather

Heather and Ivy

Dan and Clayton

Dan and Ivy