Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is the castle setting that the junior class created for the dance.

Well I cannot believe that this day was already here and gone. It was a VERY emotional day, but with my moms help we survived. I think that they need to print a parents tee shirt that says MY MOM SURVIVED:)

Brittnae and her date Tom, Breann and her date Jesse

Brittnae and Tom Cleveland

Breann and Jesse

Breann and Jesse at the Prominade

Brittnae and Tom at the ProminadeMy job for Post prom was to made 70 breakfast burritoes and 6 doz. cinnamon rolls.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Sorry I have not updated you all as far as this decision. But last week after talking to the girls and Michael. We decided that it would be best to keep my schedule like it is right now. The girls are very fearful that if life gets any busier I will get sick again. Michael agreed. It is so amazing at the mighty power of the Lord and the way he laid this on the girls hearts. I talked to both of them at different times and they both had the same concerns. I love them to much to have them constantly worried that the Lupus is going to return.

So life will continue on as we know it and I will just make the cafe work at 1 day a week. Thanks for your prayers.

Monday, February 23, 2009


Just thought you might like to see the Valentine's pictures I put up at the cafe. I think that when I take down all the Christmas ones it is going to be SO bare!!!!! I tink I will try to keep at least a few paintings up at all times, it just sort of adds a homey feel to the cafe.

Now for my dilema! A few weeks ago I had the second round of trouble with my wholesale distributor. They just completely skipped my order for the second time in 5 months. So needless to say I am fed up with Cash wa. I got the credit on my last order, and I was really thinking about changing wholesalers-- God is so great with this next part--Last week I was at the Palisade cafe and in walks a Thompson wholesaler. So of course I had to have a chat with him. Now to make a long story short Friday at the cafe the salesman from Thompsons comes in and introduces himself and we proceed to fill out ALL the business stuff. I was accepted and I now have a wonderful salesman. Thank you God for taking care of even the little things in our lives.
Now for the major dilema- Instead of picking up my order on Thursdays like I did with Cash Wa Thompsons delivers on Tuesdays. Of course my brain is working over time thinking wow another trip to Imperial.....SOOOOOOO my thoughts are why not open the cafe on Tuesdays for breakfast and lunch. I am already going to be up there and I have had so many people ask me to open the cafe more days. The girls say go for it, Michael is a little hesitant because he does not want me to get over tired. But It has been almost a year since the Lord healed me of the Lupus and I feel wonderful.
I would love to help Michael out more with the financial end of our lives and I think that this would be a way for me to attempt that. So I am asking for 2 things your imput and your prayers. Most of you know that I just want to jump in and go for it, but I know that I really need to think this thru.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 17 th Brittnae

Her birthday was the 30th of January. Sorry for the late post

WOW another wonderful year has passed and Brittnae is now 17- am I getting old or what. SHe had a nice birthday. We had Monkey bread for breakfast, and opened gifts before school. Then she had Amanda Johnston spend the night. The girls made a trip to Imperial for Brittnae to go to physical therapy, so they stopped into the cafe and much to her surprise I had a table decorated for her birthday. We had ballons and flowers, and cake and I made her favorite goulash for supper. I was bummed though I thought

I forgot my camera at home. But of course when I was packing things up after the sale I found the silly thing. Oh well the memories are engraved in my mind- I love a good surprise every now and then.

Here she is opening some of her gifts, she just did not know that there were a bunch waiting for her at the cafe. Along with her dad and grandma and grandpa maris.

Denver Nuggets Game

Last Tuesday we left Wauneta and drove to Denver to see the Nuggets play the Spurs. Brittnae and Breann got us all tickets for Christmas (thanks again girls). We had such a great time. I think that out of all the pictures I took --oh yeah I got a new camera which I am still learning to use. This one was my favorite. Michael just looks so happy. He is so silly, but we had a wonderful time. Except for the very frightening cab ride back to the hotel. I thought I was a scary driver LOL .We spent the night and came home Wed.

Does'nt this picture say it all (he is holding up his ticket) We were 11 rows up and had great seats. The only bad thing was that we did not get to see Tony Parker play from the spurs. Of course the Nuggets won -icing on the cake.

Prom Dresses

Thursday of last week we had to go to Kearney to see Brittnae's allergist, so we decided to go on to Grand Island to look for prom dresses. We found this wonderful store called DEBS in the mall. Yes I have had quite a few melt downs. I just cannot believe how grown up the girls are, it seems as if they should be playing dress up instead of actually being ready for the big event. Prom is March 21st, and both girls have been invited. Now lets just see if Mom survives.

This is the dress that Brittnae fell in love with. She had to have blue, as it is her favorite color. So pretty!!

Breanns dress WOW !! I do not think they are babies anymore. Maybe I should hide these dresses for a few years. LOL!!!

they both got shoes and all the accessories that you just HAVE TO HAVE! Necklace, bracelet, earings....etc....

Other than the few shed tears on my part we had a wonderful time a great shopping day, and I guess you could say a very sucessful one.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho it is off to Sams we go

Oh my this week Brittnae had a knee apt. in Kearney so we decided to do a sams run while we were that far. It is a very good thing that we had the pickup. Needless to say it was full to the brim!!!!! Michael was not very happy while he was loading the 4 carts of cafe supplies into a small space.

This is the new microwave a much needed improvement.
This is the rest of the stuff, now try to imagine that we had already put the freezer and cold stuff away, plus 4 cases of fryer oil.
I bet you would like to come to Sam's with me next time! LOL!!
For those of you who might not know Michael and I bought the cafe that I have been working at in August. There is a lot more to running a cafe than I could ever imagine!! But I love it.