Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho it is off to Sams we go

Oh my this week Brittnae had a knee apt. in Kearney so we decided to do a sams run while we were that far. It is a very good thing that we had the pickup. Needless to say it was full to the brim!!!!! Michael was not very happy while he was loading the 4 carts of cafe supplies into a small space.

This is the new microwave a much needed improvement.
This is the rest of the stuff, now try to imagine that we had already put the freezer and cold stuff away, plus 4 cases of fryer oil.
I bet you would like to come to Sam's with me next time! LOL!!
For those of you who might not know Michael and I bought the cafe that I have been working at in August. There is a lot more to running a cafe than I could ever imagine!! But I love it.


bobamy said...

It looks great! How is business or are you still setting up? If we lived closer I would come there.

DaBoyds said...

Micheal...I am so sorry she makes you work so!

I miss you guys!

Teri said...

Hi Kimmie, it looks more then what you were saying. Your the best Michael. ha/ha Keep up the good work there. You deserve it.