Monday, February 23, 2009


Just thought you might like to see the Valentine's pictures I put up at the cafe. I think that when I take down all the Christmas ones it is going to be SO bare!!!!! I tink I will try to keep at least a few paintings up at all times, it just sort of adds a homey feel to the cafe.

Now for my dilema! A few weeks ago I had the second round of trouble with my wholesale distributor. They just completely skipped my order for the second time in 5 months. So needless to say I am fed up with Cash wa. I got the credit on my last order, and I was really thinking about changing wholesalers-- God is so great with this next part--Last week I was at the Palisade cafe and in walks a Thompson wholesaler. So of course I had to have a chat with him. Now to make a long story short Friday at the cafe the salesman from Thompsons comes in and introduces himself and we proceed to fill out ALL the business stuff. I was accepted and I now have a wonderful salesman. Thank you God for taking care of even the little things in our lives.
Now for the major dilema- Instead of picking up my order on Thursdays like I did with Cash Wa Thompsons delivers on Tuesdays. Of course my brain is working over time thinking wow another trip to Imperial.....SOOOOOOO my thoughts are why not open the cafe on Tuesdays for breakfast and lunch. I am already going to be up there and I have had so many people ask me to open the cafe more days. The girls say go for it, Michael is a little hesitant because he does not want me to get over tired. But It has been almost a year since the Lord healed me of the Lupus and I feel wonderful.
I would love to help Michael out more with the financial end of our lives and I think that this would be a way for me to attempt that. So I am asking for 2 things your imput and your prayers. Most of you know that I just want to jump in and go for it, but I know that I really need to think this thru.


Charlie said...

I am praying.
If you feel up to it you should go for it. You doing this should be strictly up to you and God. Not what anyone else says. Maybe you could just go up on Tuesdays to receive the order and put it all away, after doing that a couple of times and you are positive that you could go for it, DO IT. First and foremost be in prayer. God will guide you and give you the answers you need. I am praying along with you! Love you!

teddybears place said...

i agree with charlie dont over do it too soon
and btw why are you up at 3 am ? lol just teasing ... love you girl*hugs*