Thursday, February 12, 2009

Prom Dresses

Thursday of last week we had to go to Kearney to see Brittnae's allergist, so we decided to go on to Grand Island to look for prom dresses. We found this wonderful store called DEBS in the mall. Yes I have had quite a few melt downs. I just cannot believe how grown up the girls are, it seems as if they should be playing dress up instead of actually being ready for the big event. Prom is March 21st, and both girls have been invited. Now lets just see if Mom survives.

This is the dress that Brittnae fell in love with. She had to have blue, as it is her favorite color. So pretty!!

Breanns dress WOW !! I do not think they are babies anymore. Maybe I should hide these dresses for a few years. LOL!!!

they both got shoes and all the accessories that you just HAVE TO HAVE! Necklace, bracelet, earings....etc....

Other than the few shed tears on my part we had a wonderful time a great shopping day, and I guess you could say a very sucessful one.


sixbehrs said...

Wow! I really like their dresses. Breann described them to me, but I'm happy to see pics of them. They will look beautiful. And yes, they do look grown up. It's happened quickly.

Bley's Blog said...

Very pretty!

teddybears place said...

oh my gosh two beautiful young women love the dresses .but remember girls i want to see pic from prom nite

Sharon said...

Brittnae described hers to me but it's neat to actually see them. I know she is soooo excited! How fast they grow up.

DaBoyds said...

You girls are beautiful! I can't believe you get to go to Prom! You will have so much fun.
Michael, you crack me up! I love that picture of you guys.
Next time, Kim you need to have someone else take the pictures so that we can see your beautiful smile as well.